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How Vaping Works


Ah, vaping. A modern miracle, don’t you say? Here is the deal on how the technology comes together to create an unbelievably pleasurable, immensely revolutionary lifestyle option that has changed the way smokers live. Freedom is a beautiful thing!


By now, you’ve got a pretty good idea about what vaping is, and the basic idea of it offering an alternative to smokers who want the same pleasure minus the smoke. Vaping is done by using a device (there are many different types) with a nicotine e-juice solution, to recreate the concept of smoking, without combustion, burning anything, creating smoke, tar, or any offensive odor. When the liquid is processed through the device, a cloud of vapor, with or without nicotine is inhaled, and the user enjoys the feeling of satisfaction.  It’s an innovative world, and we are enjoying it all; one puff at a time!

If you're new to vaping, the lingo can be a bit overwhelming.  Check out our Vapor Glossary of Terms to help you get through that learning curve.  


When vaping, there are a wide array of different products you can use to achieve the desired results. People have preferences, and luckily there are so many options for those want to try different things.

The basic parts: a device, an atomizer, a battery, e-liquid, and a tank for holding liquid. Those are the main components of the action.

The battery provides power to the device, and it may or may not be built into the device. Upon hitting the device, the battery will activate the atomizer by sending a charge directly to it, signaling heat up. The atomizer is the mechanism responsible for transforming the nicotine e-liquid, which is stored in the tank, into the luscious clouds of vapor. Once it vaporizes the liquid, the user instantaneously receives it via their puff, exhaling accordingly,

While this is the simple explanation of how things get done, quality is a major factor that can play a role in the performance factor. As in, better quality equals better performance. Lucky for you, quality and performance are our specialty.